In 2010, Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot introduced its most elegant and sophisticated collection to date, the Hublot Classic Fusion. Inspired by the original Hublot timepieces in the ’80s, the Hublot Classic Fusion collection resonates with the classic Hublot elements. These include the iconic ‘H’ moulded screws on the bezel and the metallic links on the straps.

Unlike most luxurious watches, the Hublot Classic Fusion does not scream its origin in its design dynamics. But the watches definitely offer a striking look, enough to encourage one to ask: “Is that a Hublot?”

Sophisticated with an edge, the Hublot Classic Fusion enjoys a multiple series of innovations succeeding its legacy.

Its initial versions witnessed the Classic Fusion Titanium, Ceramic, and King Gold variations. Each of the watches was available either in colourful leather strap or gilded bracelet options. And each variation evokes nothing but sheer elegance with a quiet confidence in its design.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium, Ceramic, and King Gold watches were created in 45mm, 42mm, 38mm, and 33mm cases with a stylish finish. The Classic Fusion Titanium, designed in striking colours, was an instant favourite by Hublot lovers. Its satin-like dials accentuated with hand-polished metallic markers and a titanium bezel slowly became a signature of this Hublot classic. The see-through back-case flaunts the HUB 1143 self-winding chronograph movement, offering 42 hours of power reserve. The Titanium watches, in particular, feature colourful rubber or alligator straps that match the colour of the dial.

In line with the successful response from the Classic Fusion Titanium, Hublot introduced the chronograph in Titanium, Ceramic, and Gold body. Each celebrates the built-in stopwatch mechanism.

Then comes the Hublot Chronograph proprietary called Unico. The new Hublot Classic Fusion Unico Chronograph does not only time the equations of a lap in seconds, but also measures multiple uninterrupted laps, calling this chronograph function a flyback. In fact, if you wish to manifest further into measuring the time of two separate events, the Hublot Unico Chronograph mechanism assists one with that, too. Isn’t it just sheer perfection?

What’s better is, with almost 290 complications beneath its satin-finished colourful dials, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph doesn’t lose an inch of its style quotient. In fact, it gets amplified further into rubber straps, alligator straps, metallic (gold) straps, and diamond-studded dials. While the Titanium Diamond boasts 129 stones each carefully placed to perfection, the Pave collection features a diamond-studded case with 370 hand-cut diamonds.

In 2013, Hublot’s two successful product lines, the Aero Bang and Classic Fusion were blended to introduce the Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph. Available in both titanium and gold, this collection got the maximum mileage amongst most of its previous timepiece line-ups. With an in-laid skeleton dial, the Automatic Chronograph features the 1155 calibre movement, which offers 42 hours of power reserve. While the dial isn’t coloured unlike its earlier versions, the Swiss brand goes heavy on greys for the complications. This perfectly blends in to complement a contrasting look to the gilded bezel.

The Hublot Classic Aero Fusion witnessed a tremendous fan following. Therefore, furthering its mechanism, Hublot upgraded the Aero Fusion with the popular lunar cycle complication, called the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase. Crystal-cased inside a 45mm titanium body, the skeletonised sapphire dial features a unique movement by flaunting the complete calendar function in all its glory. Unlike most moonphase watches, Hublot chose to showcase the mechanism on its dial using two topographically full moons rotating every 29.5 days. The opening in the lens glass covering the lunar complication highlights the movement of both the moons distinctively dominating the look of the dial.

“Give the man the right shoes and watch, and see them conquer the world.” Clearly, Hublot had this in mind when it introduced the enthusiasts at Baselworld 2016 to the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti. A collection launched in collaboration with the French shoemaker celebrates Hublot’s lineage of channelling high fashion in its design. The limited-edition collection features a unique innovation using a patented Venetian leather dial embossed with indexes and the Hublot logo. With just four versions, the Chronograph Berluti celebrates the true essence of the term ‘fusion’. This collection is limited to 200 pieces for each variation: Cold Gold, Cold Brown, Bordeaux, and Ocean Blue.

Drawing inspiration from the Haute world of cars, the Swiss watchmaking company entered the Gran Turismo world. And its mutually benefitting collaboration with Ferrari started, to the delight of both the luxury watches and cars aficionados. The Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT featuring the latest technology of the upgraded Unico chronograph movement, the calibre HUB 1280, is a master blaster in the world of automotive and horology. The 45mm dial is enhanced with a Ferrari design titanium deploying buckle clasp. The skeleton dial boasts the chronograph movement, which features the split-second flyback mechanism. This collection is available in Carbon, Titanium, and Hublot’s signature King Gold body.