Hublot release the least ‘Hublot-like’ watch ever under the radar while the Big Bang 10th Birthday party rages on. Results are good.
2015 was a big year for Hublot, as their emblematic Hublot Big Bang celebrated its tenth birthday. As you would expect, Hublot celebrated this milestone by releasing a brace of new Big Bangs, from the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold we’ve already shown you to 10 unique high jewellery pieces each with a cool million-dollar sticker price.

These watches took most of the limelight, but lest we forget Hublot released some other new pieces, which, while not encrusted with diamonds are still cracking watches. Case in point is this Classic Fusion in King Gold with a beautiful blue dial. In fact Hublot released blue dialled Classic Fusions in both time only and chronograph models, with King Gold and titanium cases. They all look good, but for me the simple dial of the three-hander really showcases the blue, and when paired with the rich King Gold you’ve got a watch that’s just plain sexy.
Since its debut in 2010 the Classic Fusion has become an important model for the brand. It’s the closest thing to a traditional dress watch Hublot have made. But let’s step back for minute. The concept of Hublot making an elegant and dressier piece may not compute. Why? It’s not their territory, right?

The thing is, when you hold the pared back, slimmer and more refined Hublot Classic Fusion in your hands it’s clear that the Hublot DNA is perhaps more elastic and transferrable than you might expect. The Classic Fusion is the refined, more clean-cut brother of the Big Bang and, despite its differences to its iconic, more muscular brother, the market loved the design. Finally a Hublot for the rest of us, for people who love the aesthetic but can’t quite pull off a Big Bang, or who are looking for something less sporty. According to Hublot Product and Purchasing Director, Raphael Nussbaumer the Classic Fusion didn’t start life as a key product for the brand, but it has certainly come into its own – Nussbaumer estimates that roughly 30% of turnover is from the Classic Fusion collection. Coming back to the new blue model it’s really not hard to see why. The 42mm case (models ranging from 33mm to 45mm are also available) looks great on men or women. It’s the familiar porthole design, complete with the screwed down bezel, with a mix of polished and satin finished King Gold, which dials down the bling factor just the right amount. The marriage between this case and the bright, fresh denim-y blue of the sunray dial is perfect, and combines to create an exceptionally attractive watch. And the little details, like the blue case elements (a nod to the philosophy of fusion), polished indices and blue rubber backed ‘gator strap are the icing on the cake.
The Hublot Classic Fusion Red Gold Blue might lack the bells, whistles and partnership tie-ins of some of the more flashy Hublot novelties, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s an excellent watch, and proof that, when they put their mind to it, Hublot can make an elegant and simple watch that still honours the values of the brand.