The TAG Heuer Aquaracder Professional 200 Quartz Chronograph Big Date is the Swiss brand’s latest divers’ watch. It joins its older sibling, the Aquaracer Professional 300, which was released in 2021. Angus Davies gets ‘hands-on’ with the new 200 model and examines its specification in detail.
TAG Heuer has been exceptionally busy in recent years, creating several limited-edition versions of its iconic Monaco model, updating the Carrera and, last year, releasing an updated version of its divers’ watch, the TAG Heuer Aquaracder Professional 200 Quartz Chronograph Big Date .

Despite these models proving highly popular, the brand saw fit to revisit them. I remember wondering at the time why it had chosen to update the Carrera and questioned the reason for changing such a fabulous watch. However, once I affixed the new updated model to my wrist, I knew the answer and understood its rationale. The Swiss avant-garde brand has refined every element of the Carrera, making subtle revisions to its specification. This uplift in quality was something the company repeated with the updated Aquaracer.

Launched last year, each constituent part had clearly been assessed and, invariably, improved. Readability, style, tactility and wearer comfort were all enhanced. Indeed, even the click produced by the rotating bezel was more audible.

Until a few weeks ago, I thought TAG Heuer’s portfolio of divers’ watches was complete and then, seemingly from nowhere, the watch firm unveiled the Aquaracer Professional 200. This latest model is offered in a multitude of ownership options including automatic and quartz models. Furthermore, would-be wearers are indulged with a choice of 40mm and 30mm variants.
Personally, I was attracted to the TAG Heuer Aquaracder Professional 200 Quartz Chronograph Big Date . This reference features a blue dial, a 40mm stainless steel case and an automatic movement, the tried and tested Calibre 5. The brand kindly offered to provide me with a sample of the watch and a week-long period of evaluation soon ensued.
The TAG Heuer Aquaracder Professional 200 Quartz Chronograph Big Date has always been a highly popular model over the years, however, it’s probably not received the same recognition as the Carrera and Monaco models. Nevertheless, based on the brilliance of the 200 and 300, I genuinely think this may change. Indeed, just in the way the Carrera and Monaco have been associated with the octane-rich environment of motorsport, the Aquaracer has the potential to make TAG Heuer the go-to brand for divers’ watches.