Jacob & Co. delivers another inventive take on the mechanical wristwatch. A cross between technological innovations, traditional watchmaking, and art, the “Jacob & Co. Oil Pump” sits at 47mm in case diameter and features a real working oil pump action function.

Made from 18k rose gold, the complete 3D action is on display as a large domed sapphire crystal is met with side sapphire construction — the watch acts as a miniature glass display case. Taking over a year to develop, the watch encompasses an oil reserve, two actuating oil well pumpjacks (activated with the pusher at 2 o’clock), and a double axis tourbillon — spinning a full revolution in 60 seconds on its first axis, and 2.5 minutes on its second axis.
Trust Jacob & Co. to produce a six-figure gold watch depicting an oil pump. Fitted with two derricks, a system of pipes, an oil gauge and reservoir tank, this miniature recreation of an oil rig is so detailed that it is bound to win over the hearts of die-hard oil tycoons. Moreover, being a Jacob & Co. Oil Pump creation the showmanship is guaranteed with two derricks that can perform their pumping motions on demand. Even when the derricks are not activated, the animation on the dial continues thanks to the spectacle of the brand’s hallmark double-axis tourbillon. Let’s have a closer look at this Jacob & Co. Oil Pump Tourbillon Automaton.

Anyone familiar with the brand knows that Jacob Arabo, the maverick founder of Jacob & Co., is not an advocate of low-key, conservative luxury. Used to dealing with ultra-wealthy clients (oil barons included), his jewellery and watches pack an inimitable “wow factor”. Over the top for some, downright delightful for others, Jacob & Co’s creations never fail to impress. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most unusual watches in the brand’s repertoire that has the added bonus of pumping oil with a 100% environmentally friendly mechanical power source.
Like other Jacob & Co. watches, reactions are always extreme and not everybody will warm to the extravagance or horological fireworks on board. But that is precisely the point: these watches are not for everybody. They are expensive, extravagant, playful marvels designed to impress. And I am certainly impressed by how Jacob & Co. has injected life into a potentially unexciting theme like an oil rig. The remarkable details, the miniaturisation and above all the animation cannot fail to leave an impression. Although this is not the model I would choose for myself – the Astronomia Tourbillon Typhoon has my name on it – I know that many will succumb to the sheer spectacle and exquisitely rendered scenery of the Jacob & Co. Oil Pump.